spring 2.5jar包


The “dist” directory contains the following distinct jar files for use in applications. Both module-specific
jar files and a jar file with all of Spring are provided. The following list specifies the corresponding contents
and third-party dependencies. Libraries in brackets are optional, i.e. just necessary for certain functionality.

FULL JAR (dist):

* “spring” (~2870 KB)
– Convenient jar file combining all standard modules (except for the test module and the Spring MVC support)
– Also includes the AOP Alliance interfaces (as a convenience)!
– Does not include contents of spring-aspects.jar, spring-test.jar and spring-webmvc*.jar!

MODULE JARS (dist/modules):

* “spring-aop” (~320 KB)
– Contents: AOP framework
– Dependencies: spring-core, (spring-beans, AOP Alliance)

* “spring-beans” (~480 KB)
– Contents: JavaBeans support, bean container
– Dependencies: spring-core

* “spring-context” (~465 KB)
– Contents: application context, JNDI, JMX, instrumentation, remoting, scripting, scheduling, validation
– Dependencies: spring-beans, (spring-aop, JMX API, EJB API)

* “spring-context-support” (~95 KB)
– Contents: Quartz and CommonJ scheduling, UI templating, mail, caching
– Dependencies: spring-context, (spring-aop, spring-jdbc)

* “spring-core” (~280 KB)
– Contents: core abstractions and utilities, source-level metadata support, repackaged ASM library
– Dependencies: Commons Logging, (Commons Attributes)

* “spring-jdbc” (~330 KB)
– Contents: JDBC support
– Dependencies: spring-beans, spring-tx

* “spring-jms” (~190 KB)
– Contents: JMS 1.0.2/1.1 support
– Dependencies: spring-beans, spring-tx, JMS API

* “spring-orm” (~370 KB)
– Contents: JDO support, JPA support, Hibernate support, TopLink support, iBATIS support
– Dependencies: spring-jdbc, (spring-web)

* “spring-test” (~180 KB)
– Contents: test context framework, JUnit support, JNDI mocks, Servlet API mocks, Portlet API mocks
– Dependencies: spring-core, (spring-context, spring-jdbc, spring-web, JUnit, Servlet API, Portlet API)

* “spring-tx” (~225 KB)
– Contents: transaction infrastructure, JCA support, DAO support
– Dependencies: spring-core, (spring-aop, spring-context, JTA API, JCA API)

* “spring-web” (~190 KB)
– Contents: web application context, multipart resolver, HTTP-based remoting support
– Dependencies: spring-context, Servlet API, (JSP API, JSTL)

* “spring-webmvc” (~395 KB)
– Contents: framework servlets, web MVC framework, web controllers, web views
– Dependencies: spring-web, (spring-context-support)

* “spring-webmvc-portlet” (~150 KB)
– Contents: framework portlets, portlet MVC framework, portlet controllers
– Dependencies: spring-web, Portlet API, (spring-webmvc)

* “spring-webmvc-struts” (~35 KB)
– Contents: Struts 1.x action support, Tiles 1.x view support
– Dependencies: spring-web, Struts API, (spring-webmvc)


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